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TechneTrain's Mission

At TechneTrain, we understand that complying with OSHA regulations is just one of the MANY facets of running a business. Today more than ever, businesses are challenged by the time required to research and stay on top of these regulations. Developing safety programs and performing the necessary training of employees is a time-consuming process. TechneTrain was developed to help make these tasks simpler for businesses like yours. We help you stay up to date on OSHA regulations and provide you with resources to simplify the development of your safety programs and to perform the required employee training. With over 30 years experience providing effective safety training solutions to a wide range of industries, TechneTrain is well positioned to be your single source supplier for all your safety training needs. 


The next deadline for Hazard Communication is rapidly approaching OSHA has aligned the Hazard Communication Standard with the United Nations' Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). If you use even one hazardous chemical in your workplace, this affects you! The deadline for training your employees on the GHS has passed, and many of the hazardous chemicals that you use likely have the new GHS labels and Safety Data Sheets. The next deadline is December 1 of this year, with the final deadline for full compliance on June 1, 2016. TechneTrain can help you with your transition to the GHS and provide you with turn-key employee training programs. Click here for more details.

New reporting requirements now in effect The Federal government made key revisions to OSHA recordkeeping rules that went into effect on January 1, 2015. These changes impact all industries. Additionally, the rule updates the list of industries that are exempt from the requirement to routinely keep OSHA injury and illness records. TechneTrain has products to help you understand what has changed and how to comply with this revised standard. Click here for more details.

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