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Personal Protective Equipment, also known as PPE, is equipment and clothing that is used to protect you from workplace hazards. When job hazards cannot be eliminated through the use of engineering and administrative controls, OSHA requires the use of PPE to minimize employee exposure. This program includes important information on:

-        What PPE is

-        When and why you need to use PPE

-        The types PPE are available and the purpose of each

-        What PPE can and cannot do to protect you

-        Selecting and maintaining PPE

-        What you need to know before using PPE at your job

This training program is a two disk set that includes:

•        Employee training DVD (18:27)

•        Instructor Notes

•        Student Handout

•        Copies of the OSHA Personal Protective Equipment Standards

•        Student Quiz and Answer Key to ensure the information was understood

•        Certificate of Completion to document your training efforts

•        An instruction guide that lists any additional steps you must take to be in full compliance with OSHA regulations

•        Our 800 number with free support

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